Hey, Where Did Jared Leto's Eyebrows Go?? (PHOTO)

Jared Leto has no eyebrows!?!?!

We're all about moderate manscaping (especially when it comes to pop stars and mustaches -- we're looking at you Joe Jonas and The Wanted), but leave it to Jared Leto to take the trend to the ultimate level by PLUCKING OUT ALL OF HIS EYEBROWS. Honestly, as weirded out by this look as we are, we're also pretty mesmerized. Somehow Jared's eyebrowless face manages to complement his flawless bone structure, piercing blue eyes, and perfect nose. We'd even say it's Tilda Swinton-esque! REMINDER: Jared Leto can do no wrong (but PLEASE don't shave your brows to be like him. It won't work. TRUST US).

You really have to hand it to a guy that will do anything for his art like the 30 Seconds To Mars singer did for his upcoming role in "The Dallas Buyers Club." Playing an HIV-positive cross-dresser, Jared has gone entirely hairless for the part -- in addition to newly plucked brows, he waxed his legs and chest so he could rock a proper lady look (that pain is enough for an Emmy nod, if you ask us). And just in case you can't handle his naked face look at the IFP's 22nd Annual Independent Film Awards in New York City, check out THIS, THIS, and THIS photo of a very hairy Jared to calm you down. But we advise you to hold on to those images for while -- it takes FOREVER for eyebrows to grow back. Not that we'd know, or anything.

Photo credit: Splash News