10 Things To Know Now: Lady Gaga Liked 'Liz & Dick' + Rihanna Opens Up About Ignoring '777' Journalists

Lady Gaga defends Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna reveals why she ignored the '777' journalists, and more.

1.) Haters gonna hate about Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" performance, but apparently Lady Gaga liked it and even defended the actress! If anyone knows how to handle the critics, it's Gaga. She even tweeted her support to LiLo. (MTV News)

2.) Remember how Rihanna's in-flight disappearance from her "777" tour caused a little stir with the journalists she invited along? RiRi finally opened up about why she was M.I.A. HINT: She needed her beauty rest -- duh. (Popdust)

3.) Carly Rae Jepsen looks super hot on Cosmopolitan's January 2013 cover. Even her playful bedhead totally screams "Call Me, Sexy." (Sorry. Had to go there, guys). (Cosmopolitan)

4.) GQ announced Rick Ross as "Bawse of the Year" for 2012! Like a proper leader, he revealed some pro tips for readers, the most important of which includes getting an MMG tattoo for Christmas. Take notes, y'all. (GQ)

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5.) The Backstreet Boys have promised that their new album will drop in 2013, and that it'll celebrate their 20th anniversary (20th anniversary!?!). But wait... are the guys going less pop and more indie? (MTV News)

6.) Mary J. Blige will join legendary rockers The Rolling Stones on stage for the band's "50 & Counting Tour." We don't even know how one stage will hold all that epicness. (Vibe)

7.) No matter how busy Justin Bieber gets, he always makes time to show his fans some love. The Biebs recently met a very special 5-year-old fan, Mia, who suffers from muscular dystrophy and mitochondrial depletion syndrome. SO SWEET. (The Whig)

8.) Every wonder what Kerli MUST have with her when she travels? She packs giant platform shoes and love potions, obvs. (What, you were expecting a neck pillow?) (Buzznet)

9.) One Direction spilled deets about their upcoming 3-D movie -- the guys anticipate that Directioners want to know every little thing (heh) about them, so the film promises to take fans offstage for an exclusive look into the superstars' private lives. Just let your imaginations run wild, guys. (MTV News)

10.) Selena Gomez may be dealing with her own relationship situation, but is she a little matchmaker on the side? More important, did she set up Taylor Swift with Harry Styles?!? MOST IMPORTANT: Are Harry and Taylor really dating!? WE NEED ANSWERS. (Entertainment Wise)

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