New Video: Jake Miller, 'A Million Lives'

Jake Miller gets inspirational in his "A Million Lives" video.

We've said this before, and it's probably getting way old for everyone involved, but we just can't help it: It's Miller time, guys!! That is, Jake Miller time, the 19-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter from Weston, Florida. Quick refresher: We've already shown you Jake's videos for "What I Wouldn't Give," "I'm Alright," and "Runnin," and now, we present you with Jake's latest clip for "A Million Lives."

Watch Jake Miller's "A Million Lives" video after the jump.

While Jake's obviously down to make videos featuring cute chicks (that's practically a LAW in the rapper handbook), he's also just as likely to film something inspirational, like, something that puts your entire life into perspective. And that brings us to Jake's latest endeavor, "A Million Lives," a track that delves into personal stories from several of Jake's fans who have used his music to overcome life obstacles.

First, Jake introduces us to Nikki: "My name is Nikki and I used to be dancer/ 'Til the day the doctor diagnosed me with cancer/ So I said goodbye to all the hair on my head/ And said hello to my hospital bed." After Nikki's vignette plays out onscreen, we're introduced to another one of Jake's fans who's been bullied, and finally, we meet a fan whose brother has passed away. The video comes to a close with Jake spitting rhymes about his own personal hardship and how he, too, has struggled. Seriously, how is it possible that this kid has gained so much perspective at just 19? Old soul alert, right here.

Watch Jake Miller's "A Million Lives" video.

Photo credit: Jake Miller

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