New Song: Ke$ha, 'Supernatural'

Ke$ha hooks up with an otherwordly dude in "Supernatural."

We already knew Ke$ha had a penchant for hooking up with Illuminati dudes who may or may not want to sacrifice her at the alter. And as if it could get any weirder, we also knew Ke$ha had a thing for copulating with, uhh, ghosts. No really, that's an actual thing that she's admitted to doing. That in mind, was anyone actually shocked when Ke$ha's latest record, "Supernatural," turned out to be about awakening the dead and then hooking up with them? (Um, there's a name for that, Ke$ha. It rhymes with "shrekrophilia.") Because Ke$ha's totally into that, maybe you should be, too, if you can't find a date for Friday night? Or next year's Halloween? (Srsly guys, maybe keep your romantic dalliances limited to the living.)

Listen to Ke$ha's "Supernatural" after the jump.

Set to a hazy, grimy, synth-laden beat, "Supernatural" is less Ke$ha doing her signature speaky rap thing and more Ke$ha actually singing. Granted, her voice is still veiled by Dr. Luke's expert production, but it's great to hear Ke$ha's pipes in action, especially when they're requesting to awaken the dead for a makeout sesh: "Till the morning light/ Watch my silhouette / 'Cause you know tonight/ Were gonna wake the dead." Creepy? Totally, but you can't fault the girl for being resourceful when IRL guys just aren't doing the trick.

+ Listen to Ke$ha's "Supernatural."

Photo credit: RCA Records

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