New Song: Nikki Williams, 'Glowing'

Nikki Williams heads straight to the dance floor on "Glowing."

We first told you about 23-year-old South African songstress Nikki Williams when we buzzed about her dramatic, Sia-penned ballad "Kill, F***, Marry." Now, Nikki's headed in another direction, and by "another direction," we mean straight to the dance floor with her latest house-infused track, "Glowing."

Listen to Nikki Williams' "Glowing" after the jump.

Driven by a high-energy, synth-laden track, "Glowing" unearths another side of Nikki's vocals -- the side that's fully capable of commanding a large-scale pop record, and the kind that can certainly hold its own up in da club. As the song's thumping bass line drives it forward, Nikki confesses that she's got it bad for a dude, and he's the only one who can give her what she wants: "A million hearts, you’re the only one/ Who lights me up, like I'm glowing in the dark." Girl, don't we know it! If you only KNEW the list of unavailable men we pine for. Totally the worst. Totally get it.

+ Listen to Nikki Williams' "Glowing."

Photo credit: Island Def Jam