New Video: Timeflies, 'One Night'

Watch Timeflies' "One Night" video.

World, meet producer Rob Resnick (Rez) and vocalist Cal. When their powers combine, they're known as the extremely talented (and may we also say extremely attractive) duo Timeflies. It's kinda hard to pinpoint their genre, but the best way we can describe their sound would be a wild mix of hip-hop, pop, electro, and dubstep (please see: their "Ass Back Home" remix). Or maybe we'll just go totally balls out and say they remind us of Graffiti 6's smooth vocals plus the slick rhymes of Asher Roth. However you want to classify them, one listen to Timeflies and you're gonna be obsessed. That in mind, take a sec and watch Timeflies' latest video for their single "One Night."

Watch Timeflies' "One Night" video after the jump.

Appearing on Timeflies' One Night EP (out Nov. 27!), the clip shows the guys in a variety of vignettes: Cal and Rez commanding the stage and performing to throngs of obsessed Timeflies Stans, Cal and Rez throwing a bonfire-side rager with some cute chicks, Cal and Rez sitting at home watching a movie on the couch with some more babes -- you get the idea. And let's not forget that totally bomb scene where the boys are dancing in the sky (literally) or that other time Cal is conveniently perched atop a building. It's totally bizarre and awesome and YOLO all at the same time -- how could we not be crazy for it??

+ Watch Timeflies' "One Night" video.

Photo credit: Brittany Taylor