Listen To One Direction Rapping(!) The 'Fresh Prince' Theme Song

One Direction get jiggy with it as they rap the "Fresh Prince" theme song.

It's basically our dream come true when '90s pop culture references collide with modern-day heartthrobs (hence our Jared Leto obsession BTW -- he's like, the perfect package of both!). So won't you follow along with us as we listen to this short yet epic clip of One Direction rapping the theme song to Will Smith's hit sitcom "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"? Oh, and in case you're wondering, the guys NAILED it.

Listen to One Direction rapping the theme song from "Fresh Prince" after the jump!

We can't even with how the guys drop a quick verse on the UK's Capital FM Breakfast Show -- they sound flawless (of course!). We're not sure what we're more impressed by: how the guys mastered Will's every inflection (including imitating Will's mom's voice, LOL!)... or the (more frightening) fact that the guys were all UNDER THE AGE OF 5 WHEN THE SHOW WAS ON AIR! Now excuse me as I listen to this clip on repeat to relive the '90s and get all kinds of feels (especially the feeling of being old).

+ Listen to One Direction rapping the "Fresh Prince" theme song.

Photo credit: Getty Images