Justin Bieber's Abs Must Be Photoshopped, Right? (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber takes vanity shots of his abs, and we totally get why.

Damn, son! Justin Bieber has been cutting out the carbs, pumping up the protein shakes, and hitting the gym -- HARD. Or so it seems, judging by his a milli-pack abs! That, or maybe JB didn't eat as much stuffing as everyone else at Thanksgiving? Because he's never looked this good. We'll admit, this pic of him in a pair of rolled-down overalls may be a smidge porn-y, but we know it's all in good fun. And in good hotness. Whichever.

Wanna know what else we know? We know Justin knows he looks good! Justin was more than thrilled to tweet his "my overalls are rolled down, my underwear is showing, and my shirt is off at the gym" photo to all his Beliebers along with the caption "Back in the gym." ORLY? Because we think it's more like "back to my side hobby of trying to sculpt my body in a study of The David/and or David Beckham's Armani ad." Either way, keep up the good abs work, Justin.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram