We're Having Thanksgiving With Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Jared Leto, One Direction & Gucci Mane!

Ahh, another year, another famous-people Buzzworthy Thanksgiving at our place! Of course we invited Jared Leto back again -- he made vegan pancakes. Britney and Demi are always welcome at our table (though did anyone else notice they were acting a little judgey?), and this year, Zayn and Harry canceled plans to not have Thanksgiving in England to have Thanksgiving with us. And, since in our ideal world, Justin and Selena are back together, we put them at the head of the table. We've seen Selena wear cuter things, but she insisted upon that old-timey scalloped apron. (She's so cute!) And we heard Gucci Mane needed a place to go, and since he spent last Thanksgiving in the tank, we figured why not. Oh, Rihanna, arriving all alone on a plane, brought some "after-dinner refreshment." Because she knows it's rude for a guest to show up empty-handed.

And so, happy Thanksgiving! From our star-studded table to your regular-people's table!

Credit: Norman Rockwell/ Getty Images/ Mr.-GIF