Watch Green Day Try To Take A Vacation In Their '¡Quatro!' Documentary Teaser (VIDEO)

Green Day took a vacation once -- who knew?

After more than two decades of power chords, Green Day's more prolific than ever -- and don't look for them to take a vacation any time soon. The band explains why they've stayed focused in a new clip from "¡Quatro!," an upcoming documentary on the long-lived punk rockers' trio of new albums.

Watch Green Day's "¡Quatro!" teaser after the jump.

"That summer, we took about a month off," Billie Joe Armstrong says of the aftermath of 2009's 21st Century Breakdown. I set up a small studio and I started making demos, doing it for myself… I think sometimes taking time off feels dangerous to me. Bands that 'take time off' -- they're not as good when they come back."

The clip captures him out surfing, but it's clear Armstrong would rather be hitting the stage. And though Green Day's been around almost forever, their fans have stuck with them.

"Let your audience grow with you and grow up with you, and at some point grow old with you," Armstrong says.

But any band that drops three albums in a row's not going gray just yet -- it's going to be a long time before Green Day are the wildest dudes at the nursing home. And right now, the trio has a lot to share, as "¡Quatro!" will reveal.

The documentary will air on VH1 Wednesday, Nov. 28, at midnight ET, and on Palladia Friday, Nov. 30, at 9 p.m ET. There's more to come -- to view the rest of the clips, keep checking

+ Watch Green Day's "¡Quatro!" clip.

Photo credit: Marina Chavez/WBR