Rihanna Is Officially All Alone On Her '777' Tour Plane (PHOTO)

Rihanna shows us just how private her private jet can be.

You know that AH-MAZING feeling that occurs when you realize no one is going to be sitting next to you on your flight? Well, Rihanna gets to feel that same exact thing... except she's got an entire private jet cabin completely to herself. So THIS is where RiRi was hanging out all that time while the "777" tour tag-along journalists were going stir crazy in coach! But judging by Rihanna's classic IDGAF take on everything, we kind of think this photo is a tip of the hat (while actually wearing a hat!) to all the haters.

The Unapologetic singer shared her photo on Instagram along with the caption "All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover." And while you all marvel over the beautiful fact that Rihanna gets to fly without screaming babies, people kicking the back of her seat, or some woman showing you pictures of her cats, we're going to concentrate on the "see u soon lover" part in her caption. Um, did we miss something, RiRi? Are you in love? Is that why you were hiding from the press all week long while on tour -- so you didn't have to answer all those "Are you back with Chris Brown since you both still collabo together" rumors? Why is your new boo a secret?! OR is your "lover" really your DVR? 'Cause if you're like us after a stressful workweek, there's nothing sexier to come home to than saved episodes of "House Hunters International."

Photo credit:@badgalriri

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