Quit Playing Games With Our Hearts, Justin And Selena!

We just really, really want to know if Justin and Selena are back together or not!

Dear Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez,

We here at Buzzworthy spend an awful lot of time writing about you, so as you can imagine, we've been in a real state of unrest ever since your breakup, otherwise known as "The Second Day The Earth Stood Still." Look, we get it -- y'all are young: 18 and 20, respectively -- and we totally get why you'd want to see what else is out there. You're both super busy -- Justin's got sad songs to sing, Victoria's Secret fashion shows to gawk at attend and award shows to own, and Selena's got Adidas shoes to design -- we totes get the situation. But with all these rumors flying around about you guys hanging out again, we swear to god, we just don't know which way is up anymore! Quit playing games with our hearts, Justin and Selena (Jelena)! Don't you know we're fragile??

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Maybe your breakup doesn't seem like that long ago, you being the center of it and all, so to recap: In the days since you've been apart, you've (allegedly) reconvened many times: once at an NYC hotel (saucy), another time when Selena was feeling sick with a sore throat, we heard a little something about Justin proposing marriage (?!), you partied together after the AMAs, and NOW we have to deal with rumors about you guys going to dinner at Benihana.

Y'know, for being "broken up," you guys don't seem to be very good at it. For the record, here's how it's done: Someone says to the other that things aren't working out, you cut off all social media contact, delete them from your phone, then don't see or talk to that person for a TBD amount of time till you both concede that you're ready to have a harmless coffee date to achieve "closure." Harsh, we know, but that's just how it's done. And guys, we don't see any of that happening. So please, all we want is a sign, a Facebook status, a tweet, an Instagrammed photo of spaghetti noodles spelling out "She Said Yes!" -- anything -- just give us some kind of signal beyond stolen paparazzi photo snaps that you guys are in fact rekindling the flame.

You know what else? We're going to make it our official Thanksgiving wish. Now you HAVE to tell us. HA!



Photo credit: Getty Images