One Direction's Zayn Malik Is Smoking, And We Don't Like It One Bit! (PHOTOS)

We see you, Zayn Malik, trying to hide your smoke break while in London!

We know One Direction's Zayn Malik is an adult and super famous and can make his own decisions, but we still have to ask: WHY IS HE SMOKING!? WHYYYYYYYYYY?!  We want to believe that the cigarette in his mouth is a metaphor for his being smoking hot, but we're not that naive. Of course we hyperventilate over the thought of wearing 1D adult onesies while tucking in our very own life-size cardboard cutout of Zayn into bed while singing him our lullaby version of "What Makes You Beautiful." Creepy? Kinda. But naive? NO WAY.

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Zayn's eyes are red because he's REALLY embarrassed!

One of 2012's most fascinating people was snapped carrying a pack of cigarettes and smoking while in London. Sure, we get that some people smoke because they say it calms them (we can only imagine the stress Zayn goes through being screamed at by billions of fans every three seconds as well as meeting FOR REAL royalty), but doesn't he know that those things are bad for your beautiful singing voice, health, and will DEFINITELY give you really bad breath?! ENOUGH.

We suggest that if Zayn needs to distract himself from the stresses of success, maybe he could hit up a tattoo parlor with Harry Styles next time? Sure, the very painful zing of tiny needles poking your skin will hurt VERY MUCH, but it is cathartic, it's healthier than replacing cigs with overeating, and it'll make him forget allll about smoking. AND (most important to us) he'll have kissable breath again.

Photo credit: Splash News