Lil B Collabs With His Tabby Cat Keke, Because This Is REALLY Happening

Lil B collabs with his cat Keke. We totally feel this.

Y'all know that we love a cat around here. I mean, we went so far as to Photoshop One Direction into cats, died a little more inside when we saw cats skydiving to R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly," and regularly jump at opportunities to ascribe our own emotions to cat faces. But PUSH alum Lil B's love for cats might even trump ours: He loves his adopted cat Keke sooo much that he collaborated with her on a new track. And just so we're clear, it's Keke FEATURING "Based" rapper Lil B, not the other way around.

Listen to Lil B and Keke's new track after the jump!

Right about now, you might be asking yourself, "But Buzzworthy, should we really take this seriously?" The answer, my friends, is a resounding YES. Titled "KeKe The Adopted Tabby Cat makes history! First animal in hip-hop! Feat Lil B !!!" The rapper posted the new song to YouTube with the description: "Produced by Lil B! This is amazing!!! How was this done? Keke the adopted tabby cat, some call her Keke the based cat has made history! With her proud friend Lil B, they both are extremely happy to spread love with humans and animals together, Keke has waited a long time and said there is more coming soon maybe, lets take our time, today it's thank you Basedgod first, then thank you Lil B... now thank you Keke - Lil B" (Oh yeah, background check: "The Based God" is kinda like Lil B's alter-ego/celebration of himself, or as he once told Complex magazine, it's simply "being yourself.")

If you're wondering what the song actually sounds like, well, it basically transcends adjectives. Like, we're speechless. Featuring a mashup of oddly placed beats, cat noises (by Keke AND Lil B), purring, and Lil B cooing "Keke!" over and over again, the track pretty much sounds like an extended conversation between Lil B and his cat (like, the kind that you'd only have when you're alone with your pet), only it's set to a hip-hop beat. Lil B, we'd think this was downright weird if we didn't totally think this was normal for people like us. Keke: the based-est cat in all of the land.

+ Listen to Lil B and Keke's new track.