New Video: Sean Kingston Featuring Cher Lloyd, 'Rum And Raybans' (NSFW)

Watch Sean Kingston's Cher Lloyd-assisted "Rum And Raybans" video.

When Sean Kingston and Cher Lloyd first told us that all we needed in life was rum and a pair of Ray-Bans, we were kinda like, "Yes!! That makes so much sense." In fact, their advice made us feel so completely liberated that we now have plans to move to a remote island off the coast of Hawaii and open a taco hut and start juggling liquor bottles like Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" (or something). But before we take off, we wanted to find time to bring you Sean and Cher's official "Rum And Raybans" video, which as you probably guessed, is centered around a giant, confetti-laden rager. Because YOLO!

Watch Sean Kingston's "Rum And Raybans" video featuring Cher Lloyd after the jump.

In his "Rum And Raybans" video, Sean hits up a giant rager where he's the guest of honor. Sean's friends (including a not-so-subtle cameo by Chris Brown) rally around him, each taking turns to hog the camera with their dance moves (and jump atop a slippery bar without tragically plummeting to their deaths). As the video comes to a close, what was a semi-normal rager transforms into a massive body-paint-a-thon reminiscent of that one time Ke$ha did the exact same thing in her "Your Love Is My Drug" video. But are we ever gonna say no to watching hot people cover their bodies in paint while dancing around like they DGAF? Probably not.

Watch Sean Kingston's "Rum And Raybans" video featuring Cher Lloyd (NSFW).

Photo credit: Sony