Must-See Moments From The 2012 American Music Awards! (PHOTOS)

Christina Aguilera belts it out onstage at the 2012 American Music Awards.

While the 2012 American Music Awards are over, gotta admit that the 3-hour-long 40th anniversary show packed a LOT of amazing moments in (and we're not just talking about Jenny McCarthy sneaking a smooch on Justin Bieber). Some of you saw Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj cleaning up SHOP with their wins, but it's possible you may have also missed a few moments -- which is where we come in. Not only did we find photos of Justin Bieber being LOVED by everybody (it really was his night), but we also found some of Nicki Minaj making friends with everybody (as opposed to getting in "American Idol" fights), Pink laughing off her "colorful" (heh) performance, and Psy posing with a very, very special friend. Check out our fave moments from the night below!

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Justin Bieber: "Yes, fans, I would love to sign your giant yellow billboard, but I dunno about holding your hand. I'm still recovering from THIS."

We think Taylor Swift's trademark "OMG!" face must be contagious -- even Nicki Minaj can't resist hugging it out with T!

After their rolling around interpretive dancing onstage together in front of a nationally televised audience, we're thinking that Pink and her hot male dancer friend are having a post-performance "Is this awkward?" laugh. Either that or Pink's still admiring his abs.

All this dancing with Ke$ha is making the Illuminati hungry...

Annnnd this happened. Psy meeting MC Hammer = I can sleep well tonight (and just die happy in general).


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Photo credit: Getty Images