Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Has Limbs For Days! (PHOTOS)

Oh, hai! It's just Taylor Swift's stunning arm.

Yes, we know the saying is "legs for days," but we're amending it to "limbs for days" because DAYUM, Taylor Swift is an IRL swan has the MOST graceful, swan-like arms we've ever seen. And also ridiculously long stems (we checked, and "stems" is appropriate slang for legs.) And don't get us wrong -- we always knew Taylor was hot (see: how pretty she looked at the 2012 MTV EMA!), but her American Music Awards red carpet look has kinda changed the game.

See more of Taylor Swift at the 2012 American Music Awards after the jump.

The "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer hit the red carpet before taking the stage to perform her dubstep-infused, "I Knew You Were Trouble." While we'd love to spend these last few sentences discussing Taylor's performance (FYI, there was a strobe light, an onstage costume change, and Taylor Swift headbanging to the rhythm of said strobe light), we just cannot get over Taylor's "I could totally pass for a supermodel" red carpet moment! Well, that and the fact that Taylor is now confirmed BFF's with Nicki Minaj and Cyndi Lauper, but that's an entirely different freak-out for an entirely different day.

Last, and we've tried to resist saying this the whole time but simply cannot: how PERFECT is Tay's beauty queen parade wave? Except only better because she's Taylor Swift. Seriously, girl has a future as an arm model and a leg model (doesn't that just equal a full model if you have a pretty face?) if the singing gig ends up not working. Except remember how this happened? So prolly not.

Oh, just another a gratuitous body shot of Taylor Swift.

+ Check out a teaser of Taylor Swift's 2012 American Music Awards performance.

Photo credit: Getty Images