The Wanted All Have Mustaches For Movemeber, And It's More Like NOOOOOO-VEMBER! (PHOTO)

The Wanted participate in Movemeber with some seriously creepy mustaches.

What would happen if The Wanted decided to give up on manscaping and grew scary mustaches instead? THIS PHOTO IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. While we're about all supporting our favorite heartthrobs' devotion to Movember (like Joe Jonas!), we have to draw the line somewhere. Annnd that line pretty much gets drawn at unibrows -- guys, go get some plucking pointers from Jared Leto (and we suggest you take them STAT!).

The "I Found You" singers shared this hilariously creepy photo (way creepier than their ghost stories, BTW) on their Facebook with the caption "And this... Well there are no words..." We were equally speechless until we frantically searched the 'net and discovered that the overgrown facial hair is fake (you may have already known that, but Lady Gaga's recent stints have pretty much spoiled our trust in pop stars for while).

Here's a helpful hint: If you're feeling just as weirded out by this image as we are, may we suggest that you clear your head immediately by studying superhot pictures of The Wanted instead? How about this one of the guys with their pants down or Jay McGuiness taking a shower? Ahh...we feel better already.

Photo credit: The Wanted's Facebook