New Ke$ha Songs: 'Die Young (Remix)' Featuring Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Becky G + 'C'Mon' (NSFW)

Listen to Ke$ha's "Die Young" remix plus her brand-new "C'Mon."

It's a big day for Ke$ha Stans, because guess what?? We've got not one, but TWO brand-new songs for you to listen to! OK, maybe one-and-a-half since one is technically a remix of "Die Young." But it's got Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Becky G on it, so doesn't that make it a brand-new thing? And wait, how could we forget about Ke$ha's acoustic version of "Die Young", which came out this week too? Aaaaaand the tally is now at three.

Listen to Ke$ha's "Die Young" remix featuring Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Becky Gomez, plus her new song "C'Mon" after the jump.

First up is Ke$ha's "Die Young (Remix)," which is basically just the original song plus some bumpin' verses from Wiz, Juicy, and Dr. Luke-signee Becky G. "Everybody know Juicy always turned up/ tour bus smoked out everybody purped up/ another fly girl done got the whole hood worked up/ ain't getting money, then you better get your work up," raps Juicy, followed by Wiz, who as you might have suspected, rhymes about a massive rager: "No changing us/ ball so hard it's not a game to us/all up in the club throwing Taylor's up." Becky G chimes in later with a quick rap and lends her sunshiny vocals to a refrain of the chorus.

Switching gears for a second, Ke$ha new song "C'Mon" brings K-dolla right back to the center of her comfort zone -- the track is a sparkling, Dr. Luke-produced pop record featuring the speaky-singy-rap voice we've come to know. After totally digging Ke$ha's acoustic vibes yesterday, we were kind of hoping for more of the same. But then again, when are we ever really opposed to hearing Ke$ha rap about trying to stage a hookup? "We've been keeping it PG/ But I wanna get a little frisky/ Come give me some of that/ Yum like a lollipop." Yep... in case you thought she'd been lost to the realm of acoustic singer-songwriters, have no fear: The real Ke$ha has returned!

+ Listen to Ke$ha's "Die Young" remix featuring Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Becky G, plus her new song "C'Mon."

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