Jared Leto Waxed His Legs For A Movie Role, And It Probably Looks Like This GIF We Made!

Jared Leto tried staring down those wax strips, but ultimately they won.

As any and every member of the Echelon clearly knows, Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto's shooting a new movie called "The Dallas Buyers Club," in which he'll star as an HIV-positive cross-dresser. (Yes, Jared Leto can sing like God's own personal favorite angel, and he's a preternaturally gifted actor, AND he looks, well, I mean, look at him. It's JUST not fair. But you know that.) And when you go in for a role like that, you go in. You commit. Even if that means waxing your legs, brows, chest, whatever. Which Jared's been doing. A lot of. He's basically moved into Depilatory City. At this point, we don't know if Jared has any hair left anywhere on his body. (Some things are private between a man and a man who's about to become a cross-dresser, and that's totally cool.)

Here's a photo of Jared on set! (So you know what we're dealing with here):

Anyway, Jared's been tweeting some photographic evidence of his adventures in hot wax.

But here's one you probably haven't seen yet.

Check out our GIF of Jared Leto legs post-wax after the jump.

Beauty is pain, kids.

Photo credit: PCN/Matt Carr & Michael Buckner/ Getty Images Entertainment; Mr. Gif