You Can Get One Direction ADULT ONESIES & Hundreds Of Other Things At The 1D World NYC Pop-Up Shop (PHOTOS)

Yes, those are One Direction adult-size onesies in four colors. Why do you ask?

You know you're a true global sensation when you've got enough stuff with your face on it to fill a former Borders bookstore at 2 Penn Plaza with enough you-emblazoned swag to last the entire holiday shopping season. Welcome to 1D World, an entire pop-up shop with shelves stocked with One Direction merch.The doors don't open until Saturday, Nov. 17, but I got in early (sorry, h8rs!), and inside it's a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, back-to-front One Direction one-derful warehouse stocked with hundreds of different 1D-must-haves, and most of them are exclusive to the store -- iPod covers, ZAYN PRESS-ON NAILS (FTW!!!!!), and even larger-than-life-size cardboard cutouts of every member of One Direction. (What you do with those is your business.)

Big things like One Direction door posters. Little things (get it?) like teensy teeny-weeny, micro-mini versions of Harry (eee!). Cool things like a One Direction aviator hat. CRAZY things, like a One Direction adult-size onesie that you can zip your entire body and even your entire head into. (They come in four colors. I chose red, but I recommend the one in aqua.) Racks on racks on racks of One Direction shirts (my favorite being the Future Mrs. Payne T-shirt) and a very special One Direction New York City T-shirt. Basically, if it can be manufactured with an image of One Direction, and it's not edible or breathing, it's probably here, and it's definitely for sale.

Like, if you have the means and the time and a basic sense of a f***-it/why-not attitude, I'd almost recommend you fly here for it. But if you can't make it, don't worry. One Direction's 1D World will be rolling into a city near you in the new year, so start saving.

Check out more photos of One Direction's 1D World New York City pop-up shop after the jump.


Photo credit: Tamar Anitai/ MTV