Buzzworthy Live: Watch Ryan Beatty's Acoustic Performance Of 'Hey MTV' (VIDEO)

Watch Ryan Beatty's acoustic rendition of "Hey MTV."

It's not every day that Justin Bieber co-signs a new singer, and maybe you haven't noticed, but when he does, those artists tend to do REALLY well (see: Carly Rae Jepsen). That said, perhaps you'll remember us swooning over 16-year-old Ryan Beatty a little while back? You know, that guy who really likes saying "Hi" to Los Angeles, and more recently, NYC? If you need a little Ryan Beatty refresher course, we've got your back: The budding pop star has not only brought in nearly 33 million YouTube views, but his debut EP went to No. 1 on the U.S. pop album charts, and the Biebs himself covered Ryan's "Every Little Thing"! Now after all that, Ryan is at MTV's studios to serenade us with an acoustic jam of "Hey MTV" (set to the tune of "Hey L.A.," but you can understand why we're partial to this version).

Watch Ryan Beatty perform an acoustic rendition of "Hey MTV" after the jump.

The video has Ryan chilling with his guitarist on the couch as they jam out to an acoustic rendition of "Hey MTV." Ryan looks relaxed and happy, clearly at home in his surroundings (we give him major props -- any other 16-year-old might look a touch more nervous). Clearly, we're dealing with a professional. Sounding vocally closer to Jason Mraz than Justin Bieber (not a bad thing -- maturity has its upsides!), Ryan sings, "I said, Hey, MTV/ It's really really nice to meet you/ Hope it's OK if I stay/ I just wanna have some fun." We think we're noticing a trend here...first Ryan sings "Hey L.A.," then "Hey New York," THEN "Hey MTV"... going around the country dedicating your hit song to people ain't a bad way to make friends, Ryan!

+ Watch Ryan Beatty perform an acoustic rendition of "Hey MTV."

Photo credit: OcSkee Entertainment