50 Cent Stopped By QVC And Made $177K In 9 Minutes! (VIDEO)

Oh, that's just 50 Cent making $177,000 in nine minutes. No biggie. 

We never thought we'd see 50 Cent look sweeter than that time he was surrounded by stuffed animals in a hospital bed, but guess what?! He just took things to a WHOLE NEW level of cute during a recent stint on QVC. We know, you're all like "Fiddy on QVC? Whaaa?" and we're totally with you on that, but it happened IRL. (It's not some weird dream you had after falling asleep to the Home Shopping Network. We promise.)

Watch 50 Cent on QVC after the jump.

Instead of hocking stereotypical TV-sale stuff like china-faced dolls, costume jewelry, and hair straighteners, the "Down On Me" rapper actually stopped by QVC to sell his STREET by 50 Over-the-Ear headphones. And while we're sure his headphones are great and all, can we just take a second to call out the fact that the QVC host was full-on FLIRTING with Fiddy? Like holding his arm and touching his shoulder and leaning on him and stuff? Just felt the need to point that out.

Well, all that flirting must have helped, because EVERYTHING sold out. According to a recent tweet by 50 himself, the man made $177,000 in 9 MINUTES: "Can someone hate on me so I can know this is real life." Um, we'll hate on you if you want, but we really don't wanna. Absolutely nothing but respect for your headphone hustle.

Watch 50 Cent on QVC.

Photo credit: WENN