Lady Gaga Encompasses All Of The '80s In A Single Outfit (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga flashes back to the '80s in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lady Gaga's been known to push the fashion envelope a time or two, but she wasn't messing around with any elaborate wardrobe schemes on her visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Besides, a meat dress would spoil immediately in that tropical heat.) Instead of sartorially supporting her favorite brewery, Gaga paid homage to an entire decade -- those Tom Cruise "Risky Business" shades, Kelly Kapowski-inspired spandex leotard/swimsuit thing (er, come to think of it, that could be a little more '90s), acid-washed jeans, and neon nails SO scream the '80s. True, some of those accessories are fashion trends we'd gladly forget (high-waisted jeans will always resemble mom jeans, let's be real here!!), but let's just be glad that Gaga remembered to wear pants at all this time.

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Gaga gives us her best "Uh oh, I just blew everyone's minds with my new teaser video" pose.

Aside from looking tooootally tubular, Gaga's been causing all kinds of pandemonium in South America, including sending a massive shock wave of "HUH!?" across the world with her recently released "Cake" video teaser. (Just watch. Because Gaga may or may not be rapping in her underwear.)

Between this new "Cake" teaser, her recent "B**** Don't Kill My Vibe (The LG Mix)" video, and now her '80s wardrobe vibe, perhaps Gaga's ARTPOP album could be going in a Blondie-"Rapture" direction?!? (We're just trying to make sense of all this CONSTANT GAGALOO MADNESS, and it ain't easy!)

Photo credit: Splash News