New Video: Kelly Rowland Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Ice' (NSFW)

Kelly Rowland melts hearts with her smoldering hot body in her "Ice" video featuring Lil Wayne.

We already knew that Kelly Rowland's "Ice" video featuring Lil Wayne would be rife with hot nearly naked dudes and an equally hot half naked Kelly Rowland, but we didn't know it would be this scorching! And yes, we are trying for a subtle "hot vs. cold" theme, which is why we're describing a video called "Ice" as "scorching." Deal with it. 

Watch Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne's "Ice" video after the jump.

Directed by Matthew Rolston, the clip's general plot seems to be an homage to Kelly Rowland's banging body and how good she looks teasing a chiseled male model with an ice cube (you get yours, gurl). Kelly goes through a few costume changes, but not before werquing some fierce choreography with her troupe of dancers. And did we mention that interlaced with all of this are close-up shots of Kelly's crystal-bedazzled lips mouthing the lyrics? Because that is VERY important, and no, we're not being sarcastic at all. On the new video, Kelly explained, "The sensuality of 'Ice' is completely pronounced in this video from it being so cold that it's hot to so hot that it’s cold." See? We weren't the only ones trying to juxtapose the concept of "Ice" to the concept of something "hot." Great minds think alike, bb!

Watch Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne's "Ice" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: UMG

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