New Video: Wiz Khalifa Featuring The Weeknd, 'Remember You' (NSFW)

Wiz ALWAYS stayed tailored. Best believe it.

Remember that moody collabo between daddy-to-be/rapper Wiz Khalifa and brooding R&B mastermind The Weeknd called "Remember You"? Now, as the release date for Wiz's O.N.I.F.C. inches even closer (Dec. 4 for those who forgot), the video for "Remember You" is officially available to watch! While The Weeknd doesn't actually appear in the video, his fingerprints are all over the murky and seductive clip (he just has that kinda influence on people), which leads us to think that every rapper in the game needs a friend like Abel Tesfaye.

Watch Wiz Khalifa Featuring The Weeknd's "Remember You" after the jump.

The clip starts out normally enough: We see a girl on her way to work at a diner, that is until a beautiful woman arrives onscreen to charm her away. The two women dash into the night (barely able to keep their hands off of each other, btw), before arriving at a party in outer WHO KNOWS WHERE. All the while, Wiz Khalifa is getting professionally fitted for clothes (well he is in Taylor Gang). While Wiz picks out just the right outfit, the girls take in the strange soiree, which comes complete with body contortionists, women in almost no clothing, and weird dolls. (If it were us arriving at that party, we'd HIGH TAIL it like, super fast.) Wiz never quite makes it to the party (hey, sometimes pulling together the perfect look can be TOUGH), but maybe that's for the best! Seems like NOT GOING was the best idea anyway, unless you're into girls with disappearing pupils and smeared, running makeup/face paint. I'd guess since Halloween ended a few weeks ago, that's a "no."

+ Watch Wiz Khalifa Featuring The Weeknd's "Remember You" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Atlantic Records