This Photo Of Johnny Depp & One Direction May Break The Internet Forever (We're Serious This Time)

Johnny Depp and One Direction = an explosion of HOT.

Are you still alive after looking at this photo of Johnny Depp and One Direction? No, no you are not! And neither am I. And neither is the rest of the world, hence our hypothesis that the interwebs has and will explode into a giant (attractive) pile of dust. It's sad, but at least it went out looking at something beautiful, right?

Rumor has it that Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose is a huge fan of the band (like any smart 14-year-old girl would be), and when Johnny got word that 1D was in town, he reportedly arranged for the bros to pop by his, wait for it, personal recording studio. As if all that wasn't enough to make us hyperventilate, Johnny even whipped out his piano and guitars for a little Depp/1D jam sesh. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH. We're also sure you must also be wondering why Lily, the 1D Stan in this family, isn't posing with everyone? Not to worry -- Lily got her very own photo with the 1D bros, but was kind enough to allow her dad to pose solo so that every woman in the world could, as we mentioned earlier, die of happiness.

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Photo credit:@Lilyrmdepp