Star Spotting: Lana Del Rey's Taylor Swift-Surprised Face Proves You Can't Go Wrong With Flowers (PHOTO)

Getting flowers from fans never gets old for Lana Del Rey!

One might think that once you're as famous as Lana Del Rey, being showered with gifts from fans would start to lose its luster (seen one gift, seen 'em all, you know?). We're not calling anyone ungrateful or anything, it's just that maybe after a while, you might wanna just head into your luxury hotel and order thousands of dollars in room service that your record label will pay for. But not Lana Del Rey! Nope, she's as excited as ever to see her fans and even welcomes them with open arms and a classic Taylor Swift-shocked/surprised face.

See more of Lana Del Rey greeting fans after the jump.

Taylor Swift's new bestie was snapped while arriving to London's BBC Radio 1 studios where she lovingly greeted a redheaded LDR Stan who was waiting with a giant bouquet of roses! (Seriously, so cute! Who gets flowers these days when they haven't just danced in a ballet recital or on Valentine's Day if you're lucky!?) The "Bel Air" singer, who just won the Best Alternative EMA and released her excellent Paradise album, was so touched by her gift of flora, that she threw her arms around the red-headed fan and they paused in a long embrace! Take note LDR Stans: Lana will hug you if you bring her flowers. And that probably goes for chocolate, wine, jewelry, stock certificates, and sparkly nail polish too.

 Photo credit: Pacific Coast News