Lady Gaga Got A Brand-New Tattoo Dedicated To Rio! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga loves Rio forever!  

We already knew Lady Gaga was obsessed with Rio (remember that time she wore no pants and a Brazil soccer jersey while standing next to an "I Heart Rio" sign?), but we had no clue she was this into the capital of Brazil. It's probably safe to say that Gaga's love for Brazil is permanent (pun intended!) considering she just got some new ink dedicated to Rio and all her Brazilian Little Monsters!

And did you really think Gaga would choose Times New Roman for her tattoo font? No, no you didn't. In fact, Gaga's new tat, which includes a cross where the "I" should be in "Rio," is spelled out in a script composed of handwriting from fan signatures. Gaga tweeted, "The font was derived out of the signatures of three fans, all from different neighborhoods and ages. Represents how music brings us 2gether!" #EndlessMeaning! Gaga went on to say, "R†O. Monsters, all over the world you continue to inspire me every day, you're like an endless ocean of possibilities." Hmmm, "Ocean" like her anchor tattoo? Or "possibilities" like her "ARTPOP" tattoo? Catch that? See how we subtly tried to keep you abreast of all Gaga's recent inkings? We're so slick.

Photo credit: Little Monsters