Buzzworthy Obsession: Fetish, 'All Time Low'

Get to know our latest obsession: Fetish. (The band, people.)

The word "Fetish" can freak people out, but we're just putting this out there -- we're pretty into it. Oh, we meant Fetish, the South African alternative rock band. After calling it quits in the '90s, the group has since reformed for a new album, Little Heart, which is full of heavy guitar leads and urgent vibrato courtesy of frontwoman Michelle Breeze -- think Florence + the Machine jamming with the Early November. "All Time Low" is the new album's lead single, a track that's got nothing in common with our favorite Maryland pop-punkers except for being on loop at Buzzworthy HQ.

Watch Fetish's "All Time Low" video after the jump.

The minimalist video's little more than a blank wall and a handful of effects -- we guessed it was filmed on a MacBook, but Breeze actually used a Samsung Galaxy SIII to capture her home video performance. (We're living in the future, you guys. We might have to trade in our iPhone 5 now.) Despite the D.I.Y. setup, Breeze sings and shimmies like she's crushing a headlining show. "Seems that we're not alone, 'cause we're all missing something," she wails. We definitely are: a Fetish U.S. tour! Make it happen, you guys. Little Heart is out now, and you can listen to it here!

+ Watch Fetish's "All Time Low" video.

Photo credit: Fetish's Facebook