The Buzz On: The 1975

The 1975 are ready for "Sex" -- on their new single.

"She's got a boyfriend anyway," The 1975's Matt Healy sings on "Sex." Talk about getting straight to the point! But don't feel too bad for the guy: He's still got a killer band. Though the Manchester quartet's members are barely old enough to enter a bar (Stateside, anyway), they've been playing together for a decade already, developing an immersing sound that blends dreamy pop, slow-motion electro, and 10-foot-tall rock into a delicious indie-rock concoction. The U.K. act dropped its first official release this summer with August's Facedown, a set that introduced their cinematic music and black-and-white aesthetic -- a sleek, retro style that extends to their videos and flawlessly curated Tumblr.

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When Healy sings "And this is how it starts," you might think of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends," but the group's anthem spins an anxious tale of sleeping with someone who's not looking for love. Already a step forward from Facedown, the new release ranges from cutup soundscapes on "Intro" to the title track's urgent guitar roar and recalls a laid-back Passion Pit or Arctic Monkeys with a bigger synth collection. The band's already scored attention from the BBC, Nylon, and Pitchfork, which called them a "band graced with a gift for heart-on-sleeve theatrics." We definitely hear that in "Woman," a Facedown track that lets Healy dig into folk heartbreaker mode. Sex is due Nov. 20, but use protection... like earplugs, for when you see them on tour, obvs. Minds out of the gutter, people.

+ Listen to "Sex" (warning, NSFW lyrics), and listen to more of The 1975.

Photo credit: Dirty Hit Records