Star Spotting: All Three Jonas Brothers Occupied One Small Couch At The 2012 MTV EMA (PHOTO)

The Jonas Brothers on one tiny couch is almost too much to handle emotionally.

The mere sight of all three Jonas Brothers together again brings a tear to our eye, but seeing all three Jonas Brothers together again while all (basically) sitting on one teeny, tiny love seat at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards? It's TOO MUCH TO TAKE! Not only is the above photo a study in male perfection, but it also reaffirms our belief that genetics are EVERYTHING. And the Jonas Brothers have a very special DNA code that we need to duplicate, bottle, and sell. In a non-creepy way, of course.

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And the Jonas Brothers photo tree just keeps on bearing stunning fruit. Want proof? Please direct your eyes to the below photo of Joe Jonas... riding a mini toy bike! And doing it quite well, if we may say so ourselves. The Bros presented at last night's EMA, and we're assuming Joe used his time on the toy bike as a little preshow relaxation technique. Or maybe he was just in the mood? (When a mini bike calls, you answer!) Moral of the story: If you can look like a male model while trying to fit your behind on a seat made for a 2-year-old, then you've pretty much got hotness on lock for the rest of your life.

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Photo credit: Getty Images/@KevinJonas