Is It Just Us, Or Is Justin Bieber Morphing Into Vanilla Ice? (PHOTO)

We're think we're seeing double...

Guys, it's time to look each other straight in the eyes and get serious. This has to be acknowledged sooner or later because we've been watching it develop for a long time. TOO long. It's eating away at our insides. (We're doing the "we have to say something" pee-pee dance.) Justin Bieber, aka our favorite wunderkind boy-aged (but not boy banded) singer is looking more and more like early '90s rapper Vanilla Ice EVERY DAY. At this point, we're practically expecting Justin to admit that he planned this gig all along before breaking out into a chorus of "Ice Ice Baby" at his next show (instead of, you know, throwing up).

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Now, we could not have reached this conclusion without Justin's recent hair transition -- his career kicked off in '09-'11 with those trademark swoopy man bangs...aka "mangs," which brings us to his current finger-stuck-in-electrical-socket look -- very Vanilla, indeed (minus the shaved sides, but hey, there's always next year). Additionally, Justin's wardrobe is heading in a, shall we say, Vanilla-friendly direction. Gone are the purple hoodies of yesteryear, and now dawns the age Justin's over 18 muscle tanks, which shall from this day forth be dubbed as the "Janilla Ice" era. Justin may not have hair on his chest yet (give it time, ladies, give it time), but once he does, wow, look out world -- J and V may be obligated to go on tour together. (Or at the very least, lead a pop music-themed circus sideshow!)

Last, just look at that Justin Bieber-Vanilla Ice photo sandwich above. It's almost as if Justin Bieber has method-actor studied Vanilla Ice's wardrobe with his American flag onesie (which we're sure will eventually morph into a sleeping bag), while Biebs throwing the peace sign in shades will no doubt remind pop culture nerds of THIS. We rest our case.

Photo credit: X17/Getty Images