Watch R. Kelly Transform Into 'Uncle Randolph' In A Behind-The-Scenes Look At 'Trapped In The Closet' (NSFW) (VIDEO)

R. Kelly introduces us to "Uncle Randolph" in this behind-the-scenes video.

We give major props to R. Kelly because in addition to being a glorious singer, he's a man of many faces. He can be SRS face when he's instructing shady dudes to be honest (like in "When A Man Lies"), he can be all sexy face when he's trying to seduce ladies in TOO many examples to count, and sometimes he literally wears different faces in his BRILLZ "Trapped In The Closet" saga (which normally would be creepy, but here it's hilarious). In this behind-the-scenes clip, we see how Kells physically and mentally transforms into "Uncle Randolph" (because he's a method actor who respects the craft, guys).

Watch R. Kelly behind the scenes of "Trapped In The Closet" after the jump.

In the video, R. Kelly explains where he gets his ideas for "Trapped In The Closet" characters: "When I was a kid I had a lot of characters like 'Randolph' or 'Pimp Lucius' in my family." Once in character, "Randolph" says he can't wait for these chapters to air, explaining, "That's why they hired me, to be the star, and I'm gonna blow up." Apparently "Randolph" can't wait to visit the strip club with his newfound stardom (even though we're pretty sure Kells doesn't exactly need to hide behind any grandpa makeup in order to do that). And I SERIOUSLY wish an 80-year-old R. Kelly would go to such an establishment,  just to see the looks on everyone's faces. See "Uncle Randolph" in action when "Trapped In The Closet" returns with new chapters on Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on IFC.

+ Watch R. Kelly behind the scenes of "Trapped In The Closet" (NSFW).

Photo credit: IFC