Taylor Swift's Adorable Cat, Meredith, Is About To Send The Internet Into A State Of Shock! (VIDEO)

Taylor and her cat, Meredith, will probably be trending topics on Twitter for days.

There are a handful of unalienable truths in this world: 1) Taylor Swift is beloved by pretty much everyone breathing (save for those exes of hers), 2) cats are beloved by anyone who has ever used a computer, and 3) if you put the two together, it's possible that the internet might explode into a galaxy of viral cat GIFs and memes. Despite how incredibly reckless it is, Taylor has uploaded a clip to her Viddy of her incredibly cute, lazy cat Meredith. We can't control what happens, guys, but it might just be TOO cute.

Watch an adorable video of Taylor Swift's cat Meredith after the jump!

Uploaded earlier today, the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer's video, titled "Again With The Posture," spends most of the short asking Meredith about her, shall we say...splayed carriage. (Just to prepare you, Meredith is lolling around flat on her back, practically BEGGING for a belly rub.) So, in conclusion, Meredith is basically the luckiest cat in the world, right? When your owner sells millions of records, you probably have the nicest of scratching posts and the fanciest of Fancy Feast, AND you get to lay around while Taylor makes you a viral video star. Not a bad life. But don't say we didn't warn you guys about the cuteness. Like, finish up your work now so you can watch the video again and again sans guilt.

+ Watch an adorable video of Taylor Swift's cat Meredith!

Photo credit: @taylorswift13