Beyonce's An Adorable Bunny, And We Want An 'Alice In Wonderland' Remake, Stat! (PHOTO)

Beyoncé's "Alice In Wonderland" bunny photo is officially our everything!

Halloween may be long gone, but when you're Beyoncé and you feel like dressing up like a bunny, no one's gonna judge. That's just one of the many perks of running the world (and it doesn't hurt that Bey makes wearing rabbit ears look like couture). But let's just get real: Beyoncé could dress like a high-fashion three-toed sloth, and we'd still be sitting here golf clapping.

The "I Was Here" singer shared the furry photo on her Tumblr (don't worry, we've also been checking on her new Instagram every second to bring you all things GORG), and we love EVERYTHING about this picture -- but especially how the watch, bow tie, geek-chic glasses, and ears totally scream the White Rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland"! (Plus, aren't her bangs the perfect photo centerpiece? Is there anything Bey's bangs CAN'T do??)

Just thinking out loud here -- wouldn't it be THE BEST if Beyoncé wrote children's stories as a side project now that she's a mom?! We'd love to see Bey's interpretation of Alice's perpetually late, bushy-tailed bunny. But clearly, her version would have no time to be stressed about running late to a lame tea party. Instead, she'd show up fashionably (and calmly) late to an A-list soiree that includes guests like Jay-Z and Kayne West. We just love happy hip-hop endings.

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