New Video: The Weeknd Featuring Drake, 'The Zone' + New Song: The Weeknd, 'Valerie'

The Weeknd drops two big songs before the release of "Trilogy" next week.

Known for his moody and mysterious nature, The Weeknd is finally stepping out of the shadows with the release of his major-label debut, Trilogy, dropping on Nov. 13. While the album serves as a re-recording and remastering of his first three mixtapes (House Of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence), it also features three brand-new tracks. "Valerie" is a dark, slow-building love song on which Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) asks for forgiveness from -- as you might guess -- a woman named Valerie. But that's not all The Weeknd has dropped today. He's also got a new video for his song "The Zone" featuring fellow Canadian Drake!

Listen to The Weeknd's "Valerie" and watch The Weeknd Featuring Drake's "The Zone" after the jump.

On "Valerie," The Weeknd asks a woman to take him back with a Michael Jackson-esque snarl (it's no surprise he covered MJ's "Dirty Diana" on one of his earlier EPs). "I wish I didn't have to lie/ I wish I could let you know/ Cause I love you and I need you/ I only want you," The Weeknd confesses on the marauding track.

While The Weeknd awaits a tough decision in "Valerie," his video for "The Zone" depicts a situation that looks a little better, if not weirder. The clip opens to a car driving through a dark road, which brightens up not via streetlight, but instead with a disembodied pair of eyes. The Weeknd sings, "Why you rushing me baby?/ It’s only us, alone/ I don't want to die tonight baby/ So lemme sip this slow," while a beautiful woman waits for him in a house full of balloons (sorta like his debut mixtape title, eh?). Even though he and his girl are separated, at least Drake is around to keep The Weeknd company. In fact, we could all use Drizzy as a BFF.

With both of these awesome releases (and Trilogy dropping Nov. 13), the only thing we're left wondering is why The Weeknd has to be so mysterious? Maybe he's just playing hard to get?'s working. We already want more!

+ Listen to The Weeknd's "Valerie" and watch The Weeknd Featuring Drake's "The Zone" (NSFW).

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