Rihanna And Kate Moss Take Turns Getting Naked For V Magazine (PHOTOS)

Rihanna is seriously winning the war against clothes.

Okay, Rihanna navy. We may have joked before about Ri possibly becoming a model with her 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show gig, but after seeing these photos of her looking all dominatrixy with supermodel Kate Moss in V Magazine's December issue, we are not kidding: she could LEGIT quit her day job to be a full-time model. And if we didn't before, now we have a muuuch better understanding of Rihanna's aversion to clothes. She's showing off her body because she HAS to. It's her RESPONSIBILITY!

See more of Rihanna and Kate Moss in V Magazine after the jump.

The "Diamonds" singer posted a preview the upcoming spread on Instagram along with the hashtag #V. Unless she's super into her "True Blood" DVDs right now, it's looking like a naked Rihanna and lingerie'd Kate Moss are what we have to look forward to on our next visit to the newsstand! And look, we have to say it: Yes, Rihanna, you look absolutely STUNNING in these photos, there's just no getting around it. And even though you could probably have the BEST career ever as a supermodel, we think your music fans would miss you too much (points to ourselves)! So please, please, please, no matter how sexy you look posing with models and wearing practically nothing at all, never forget your recording studio roots, and do as your mother said and always bring a sweater. Because you never know when a nor'easter will hit.

Rihanna: always misplacing her shirt.

Ri is hitting the best model pose. Total pro.

Photo credit: V Magazine