New Video: Ke$ha, 'Die Young'

Ke$ha parties south of the border (in more ways than one) in her "Die Young" video.

Remember how we thought Ke$ha was probably gonna play a a sexified leather-clad warrior goddess princess in her "Die Young" video? Well, we were right! Except that in addition to a warrior goddess princess, it appears that Ke$ha is also the cult leader of satanist and/or Illuminati worshipers. And they're worshiping -- you guessed it -- Princess Ke$ha! And the Illuminati. And they hired a decorator with a flare for Pentagrams and Occult imagery! It's all very inspired.

Watch Ke$ha's "Die Young" video after the jump.

Tucked away somewhere in an abandoned jungle warehouse, Cult Ke$ha HQ is decorated with a crap-ton of satanic imagery and other things you might only see in "The Craft" sequel. Or "True Blood." Or a Wiccan documentary. Whichever. Fortunately, all of the Warrior singer's fellow cult members happen to be hot male models (best cult evar!!) who spend their days doting on Ke$ha and making sure all her "needs" are taken care of. After congregating for a morning prayer, Ke$ha and her followers take five for a hookup sesh. With each other. In various combinations (maybe they began as a college A capella group? Oooohh, BURN). After the party (it's the after-party, right?!) there's another round of arduous Illuminati worship (aka stunningly executed choreography), but this time, her congregants perch Ke$ha upon a mattress alter to be devoured by the gods. Or something. It's all very dark and twisted, but we'd like to offer props to K-dawg for recruiting cult members solely based on their attractiveness level! Ballsy move, and we like it.

+ Watch Ke$ha's "Die Young" video.

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