New Song: Sally Shapiro, 'What Can I Do'

Sally Shapiro

What Sally Shapiro can do: throw the world's best pajama dance party.

Before Jessie Ware, before Grimes, before last week -- there was Sally Shapiro. The Swedish duo's Disco Romance had us falling in love with chilly synth-pop all over again back in 2007, but now the band's really starting to heat up. Bedded with newly warmed synth tones and shimmering guitars, "What Can I Do" offers a tender take on acoustic pop that eschews the expected electro backdrop. Still, the pair haven't forgotten their roots: As Shapiro's vocals rise to the puppy-soft chorus, she's backed by syncopated disco drums. And you know what it sounds like? Only the best pajama dance party ever! (Fortunately, we still have our Taylor Swift-themed "We Are Never Ever" jammies on hand.)

Listen to Sally Shapiro's "What Can I Do" after the jump.

"I want to go home/ you say nothing's wrong," Shapiro sings as the song turns momentarily dark, before a flute pulls back the blackout curtains and lets the sunshine in. For all its rhythmic exuberance, the chorus tells a sadder tale: "Who would want me if you leave me?" We're guessing everybody. Shapiro's Somewhere Else is due Feb. 26 on Paper Bag and will feature the track "This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has a Crush On Me," so you should go ahead and pick up those new dancing shoes. They're totally on sale.

+ Listen to Sally Shapiro's "What Can I Do."

Photo credit: Jonas Lövendahl

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