Ciara Has A Totally Bangin' Bikini Bod, But We Already Knew That (PHOTOS)

Ciara's bod is ridiculous, in case you had any doubts.

It's no surprise that Ciara's got a banging bod (please see her white-hot outfit in the "Got Me Good" video), but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the occasional reminder every now and then. On that note, look at these two RIDICULOUSLY hot photos of Ciara posing in a red bikini! And Ciara's not the only pop star who's down for an Instagram bikini photo shoot these days -- remember when Lady Gaga rocked out in a Miller Light two-piece? Or how about Rihanna werqueing it in that barely there nude ensemble? Now I understand why all my Instagram photos of ravioli and other pasta dishes never make it to the "popular" page.

See more of Ciara in her red bikini after the jump.

Like we said, the "Sorry" singer knows she looks damn good. On a recent trip to the beach in Dubai, Ciara snapped a photo on Instagram (natch) to flaunt her bod/remind the world to put down that last peanut butter cookie! She captioned, "Anotha TB Pic In Dubai..Feelin Good! Nobody Can Make Me Feel Like Dancin Up All Night!:)" OMG, we'd feel like dancing all night too if we could make it to a beach that gorgeous!! Isn't the below picture just screaming for someone to Photoshop a Corona in Ciara's right hand? Or a tambourine? You know, to celebrate? (Beach time and stunning bikini bodies call for Photoshop accessorizing. We may also spend too much time on the internet.)

Photo credit: Ciara's Instagram