Please Enjoy Another Stunning Photo Of Justin Bieber's SICK Abs (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber's abs for President!

It's not every day a shirtless Justin Bieber photo surfaces -- but it's quite fitting that The Biebs should choose to bare his pecks on Election Day! Because if a topless Bieber photo can't decided an election, then nothing can! Or, in short, WE VOTE BIEBER! (JK...if you didn't go vote for an actual candidate today, please do!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming of discussing Bieber and his six-pack, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is proudly on display courtesy of a photo Justin tweeted out to all his Beliebers. In between chilling with Oprah and wearing a down coat onesie, Justin found time to hit up a dance rehearsal, get sweaty, and take his shirt off, making millions of Beliebers swoon in the process. JB tweeted, "Me and @nickdemoura dance rehearsal get ready #watchout." Oh, we will watch out, bro. Watch out for those abs! You could slice cheese on that situation.

Photo credit: @justinbieber