New Video: Fear Of Men, 'Mosaic'

Fear of Men might scare you a little, because they're a band and they know how to do things.

A church, a bowl of blood, a long-haired leading lady -- nope, it's not the new "Carrie" trailer. While Chloë Moretz (or Stephen King) doesn't guest star in Fear of Men's "Mosaic" video, it still might scare you. The London/Brighton quartet's latest is all arty black-and-white, featuring shots of pensive silence in an ancient church and a mysterious liquid waiting for a climactic pour. Is it paint? Maple syrup? We still haven't finished our Halloween movie marathon, so we're going to go with the spookier option.

Watch Fear Of Men's "Mosaic" video after the jump.

While singer Jessica Weiss doesn't exactly tear down the building with her mind, she does sing "I feed on your insides/ I will digest you while you sleep," so you know she's in on the vibes. (THE ZOMBIE VIBES.) There's one gooey shot that can only be telekinetic, but the song's main supernatural power is having just the right amount of reverb.

Unlike the video, the song's all sun: "Mosaic" is driven by glimmering guitars and an upbeat melody, giving the track a little bit of Best Coast and a whole lot of the Cranberries. I'm actually going to hide under the covers and listen to it again. Fear of Men's "Mosaic" single is out now, with their debut collection, Early Fragments, expected next year.

+ Watch Fear of Men's "Mosaic" video.

Photo credit: Fear of Men/Facebook

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