New Video: Kid Cudi Featuring King Chip, 'Just What I Am' (NSFW)

Kid Cudi directs this trippy clip of his and King Chip's adventures in "Just What I Am."

Kid Cudi has a taste for the party life, no doubt. In his latest video for "Just What I Am," the first official clip from his forthcoming album, Indicud, Cudi rides around the city with fellow Ohioan King Chip in tow while things start to look a little....trippy (or maybe just a little hangovery). Sure, driving down the highway seems normal, but not when the skies look crazy purple for no reason (well, maybe one reason). Also, house parties tend to get a little weird when people's faces suddenly flash into skulls. Hmmm...maybe Cudi should spend a night in every once in a while with his cat and a stack of "Breaking Bad" DVDs, especially if he's seeing stuff like that on the regular.

Watch Kid Cudi Featuring King Chip's "Just What I Am" video after the jump.

In his directorial debut, Kid Cudi spends much of "Just What I Am" partying with an endless stream of girls (duh). Surrounded by red plastic cups and Christmas lights (strung up when it's definitely not yet Christmas -- House Party 101), Cudi and Chip rhyme about just how much they loooove a good rager. While they sing, the clip starts to break up with grainy blips, kaleidoscopic colors, and pyramids with eyes. We feel a little too sober to be watching, but we're still on board -- if the Cudder is going to take the reins for a video, it's gotta be as out there and nutso as he is. And even though it'd be a little strange, we would DEF attend this Kid Cudi-sanctioned soiree. But we'd still make sure a friendo is driving us home. You know... just to be safe.

+ Watch Kid Cudi Featuring King Chip's "Just What I Am" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: UMG

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