Katy Perry And Her Grandma Take An ADORBZ Picture With President Obama! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry and her grandma pose with President Obama!

In case you hadn't already guessed who Katy Perry's voting for via her ballot dresses and campaign rally concerts, here's your official answer in photo form: Katy and her grandmother posing with President Obama! We vote that this picture is one of the cutest things a pop star has ever shared (aside from Miley Cyrus' dog menagerie, obvs). We would also like to put Katy's grandmother on the 2012 ballot to run for America's Most Adorbz Grandmother -- Watch out, Betty White!

The "Wide Awake" singer shared the photo on her Twitter along with the caption, "May I exclusively present what might be the cutest photo ever taken: Me, Gma & POTUS! Happy voting tomorrow!" First, can we just say that politics has never looked so pretty -- Katy Perry looks flawless, per usual. But we have to say that nothing is more important than going to vote, guys! If Katy can manage it between glamming up for galas, working on her next album, and going on dates with John Mayer, you can find the time, too. The moral of the story: GO VOTE, like NOW!

Photo credit:@katyperry