It's Miller Time, According To Lady Gaga's Bikini! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga rocks a Miller Lite bikini top...though considering her surroundings, shouldn't it be Corona?

Lady Gaga may be flying around in her brand-new private Gaga-themed jet these days, but that doesn't mean she's above (heh) rocking brewski-themed bathing suits! After wearing everything from multiple meat dresses to an actual hot dog suit, Mother Monster took things down a notch at the beach in a, wait for it... Miller Lite-themed bikini. (We're "High Life" fans ourselves -- it's not "the Champagne of Beers" for nothing), but we ARE totally proud of Gaga's ability to span the sartorial spectrum. You know she's just as comfortable going into a Marc Jacobs store as she would be a Gap outlet (look, we have to get our basic T's somewhere, OK?!).

Hanging out on the beach with DJ White Shadow and makeup artist Tara Savelo in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the "Born This Way" singer posted a few pictures of her boozy bikini along with the caption "I fear beachwear but a Starlight reminded me miller light goes all the way." Totally getcha there -- they tell us we look great in a bikini, but we still can't get over that naked feeling of basically wearing a bra and underwear in public. So, yes, in addition to it being a nice, cool (OVER 21) liquid beach treat, the occasional bubbly beverage CAN help us to forget that we're essentially in the nude in front of strangers. Though we're also pretty sure Lady Gaga has never spent too much time worrying about that.

Photo credit: @ladygaga