Watch Austin Mahone Bring 'Awesome' To A Whole New Level In His Awesomeness TV Takeover (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone takes over Awesomeness TV!

Yo, MAHOMIES! What's that one thing you've always dreamed of (besides a marriage proposal/dinner date with Austin Mahone)? How about Austin having his own television show? Well, apparently dreams do come true, because Austin is going back to his YouTube roots as he takes over the Awesomeness TV network online! Now, if only we could get a Mahone-themed channel on air FOREVER -- someone get on that, thanks.

Watch Austin Mahone take over Awesomeness TV after the jump!

The "Say Somethin" singer's first "Awesomeness" episode films a photo shoot for his upcoming album cover. (You may remember that the singer was recently signed to Chase/Universal Republic and now we get to meet all the important people who work with him!) Austin introduces us to VIPs -- his manager, stylist, and TWO VERY GIGANTIC bodyguards (there goes our hopes of every sneaking backstage -- gulp). We also get to see Austin singing "Happy Birthday" to a friend, and heads up: Someone may or may not get a pie to the face. Basically the video has reaffirmed that spending a day with Austin would be AH-MAZING, and thanks to the internet, we can replay the video a bazillion times (which we already have) and pretend we're friends with him IRL.

+ Watch Austin Mahone's first episode takeover on Awesomeness TV.

Photo credit: @AustinMahone