One Direction Pose With Puppies In Wonderland Magazine, And The Internet Explodes With Cute (PHOTO)

One Direction poses with puppies on the cover of Wonderland magazine, and we can't look directly at it.

Y'all know how we can't resist gazing at celebs with their pets... it's basically like our chocolate and peanut butter. The two things go together SO PERFECTLY. We've swooned multiple times over pictures of Miley Cyrus snuggling/exchanging kisses with her doggies, we're still trying to get over that time Mariah Carey took her dog onstage to "sing" a duet, and heck, we even dedicated an entire photo album to our favorite pets n' celebs. Now every single pets-themed picture we've ever drooled over has finally culminated in this AMAZING and perfect image of One Direction playing with Labrador puppies on the cover of Wonderland magazine. Two words: WE CAN'T!

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Posing for Wonderland's November/December "Obsessed" issue, the "Little Things" singers look cuter than words can possibly articulate in color-coordinated Ralph Lauren sweaters and holding PUPPIES!! We honestly don't know who we'd rather be right now...One Direction holding the puppies or the puppies themselves (in One Direction's arms)! It is truly a toss up.

Although the magazine doesn't divulge any direct quotes for its upcoming issue, Wonderand's website does share that the boys will "talk about the fear and the fandom of One Direction, talking to the band about the real story behind the biggest boy band in the world." (Psst. They also have this behind-the-scenes video teaser!) Yeah, of course, of course. Totally important. Sorry, we're still looking at the PUPPIES!! Um, AND we feel that in honor of the above photo, we should remind everyone of the time we did THIS:

AKA. One Direction as cats. YOU'RE WELCOME!

Photo credit: Wonderland