Video Premiere: The Hounds Below, 'Chelsea's Calling'

Watch The Hounds Below's quirky, TV-crushing video for "Chelsea's Calling."

"Quirky Girl With a Baseball Bat" would probably be way beneath "Hobo With a Shotgun" on our list of scary movies, but luckily The Hounds Below's new video swings for sunnier vibes. The indie-rock act's "Chelsea's Calling" video stars a beauty wandering around a nature-conquered industrial site, smashing away at vintage electronics -- a rotary phone, a television that could have rabbit ears -- like a hipster on steroids. Hey, we all need to blow off some steam sometimes, but not all of us have bands soundtracking our destruction.

Watch The Hounds Below's "Chelsea's Calling" video after the jump.

The video's green-grown rubble and blue skies over a city skyline are a hopeful image, post-Sandy (maybe we don't need those new iPad Minis after all). With an upbeat, gritty rock sound that recalls The Strokes and The Walkmen, the quartet sounds more New York than their native Michigan (their leather jacket swag helps, too). The song's off of You Light Me Up In The Dark, the stylish group's DIY debut album on Slimstyle Records.

+ Watch The Hounds Below's "Chelsea's Calling" video.

Photo credit: Chris Owyoung