New Video: One Direction, 'Little Things'

Watch One Direction's toned-down video for "Little Things."

DIRECTIONERS. We have been WAITING for this day to come! Ever since we saw One Direction's "Little Things" cover art, poured over each individual shot of Harry, Zayne, Louis, Niall, and Liam with a magnifying glass, listened to (and cried real tears over) the song itself, and watched a few promo teasers, we have been staring at the clock, counting down the minutes/seconds/nanoseconds until we could watch the "Little Things" video in full. And guess what: IT'S HERE. Shall we repeat ourselves? IT'S HEREEEEE!

Watch One Direction's "Little Things" video after the jump!

Taking a stylistic break from their earlier videos, "Little Things" has a far more minimalist vibe (the video is shot in simple black-and-white) and features the boys in the recording studio, adjusting sound levels, singing gently into the microphone, and pensively strumming their guitars. Needless to say, it's a far cry from the inflatable bananas and Monkees antics of their "Live While We're Young" video, but watching an intimate 1D recording sesh is just as amazing (especially since this way we can create slo-mo GIFS of Harry singing "I'm in love with you"). Er, anyway, without any effects, models, or mayhem, what we're left with is pure musical perfection. (And JUST SAYING it never hurts to get a close-up of Harry's face. God bless screen caps and computer wallpaper!)

+ Watch One Direction's "Little Things" video.